All you need is passion!

Everybody knows it. Things turn out better if made with passion.
Birra Cerqua every choice, every action, is leaded by a "sane passion" for craft beer, and by our desire to share it with people.

We decided to produce the beers we love, hoping you will like them too.
Beers that taste strongly. Full-bodied and flavored. Produced with a look at the English tradition in craft brewing. But Italian beers first of all, realized with local ingredients of very high quality.

In our beer hop is the master. The Master Brewer loves testing different types of hop, in different combinations, searching for new scents and tastes.

At Birra Cerqua sparkling and forceless beers are banished.
Cerqua beers are tough. Angry too, sometimes.

But when you will drink them, willing or not, you will reconcile with the world!

Why a brew pub?

Birra Cerqua is not simply a brewery, but a brew pub. The first and only brew pub in the center of Bologna, with the system production exposed. A choice made in order to work with the highest transparency and quality.

Therefore your mugs will be always filled with fresh and "intact" beer, just brewed... from producer to consumer, with no intermediaries!

Birra Cerqua is born because we missed a reference point, in the center of Bologna, for those who love craft beer... and love drinking it in good company, listening to good rock music (in fact, rock music is the second passion we have, after craft beer).